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Magical May

June 23, 2017

Once again I’m posting very late in fact it is almost the end of June – whoops! Time management is definitely not my forte.

As always the first Wednesday in the month was spent watching TV with my Mum while consuming a picky dinner on trays. We finished the latest series of Call the Midwife – about three months later than everyone else but never mind. It was a little sad coming to the end but it was the happiest of happy endings with wish fulfilment and everything. Of course there’s the Christmas special to look forward to too.

I took my sister’s puppy Millie for a walk in the park. Millie and I are very fond of each other. and we had a simple lovely time.


I’ve been struggling with terrible seasonal allergies to the extent that I’ve been attending a specialist clinic at the hospital. My GP saw my desperation and prescribed the magic bullets aka Steroids to make me feel better. They worked and my life suddenly improved.

I saw Carousel at the Coliseum with Mum and my sister. We took Mum as her Mother’s Day present. It was fabulous. Katherine Jenkins and Alfie Boe were simply superb and I confess to shedding a tear or two at the end.

I had an enjoyable dinner with K and H. 

There was a glorious walk in St James Park 


I also caught up on some good TV – Grantchester, Broadchurch and The Durrells.

There was an amazing moon. Sadly the photos didn’t begin to do it justice and there’s no point sharing it with you because I couldn’t catch the moment at all.

There’s been the simple joy of rereading LM Montgomery’s Anne. I’ve always loved entering her world. Anne reminds me that even when things are far from easy there is still happiness to be found if you look for it.

I walked in the park one evening. The light was fabulous.

Mum and I had a delicious breakfast at Dishoom. I love the pattern on the crockery.


I went to The Kensington Dolls House Festival. I bought this tiny book.


My Dad bought me a delicious Curry at the Star

I have new jeans. They fit and they flatter me and didn’t cost as much as I expected.

There was a lovely dinner at the Chinese Buffet with the grown ups in my family.

I’ve found a new author – she’s a Children’s author but Emma Carroll’s Letters from the Lighthouse is a work of genius.

I received a truly splendid parcel from S 

 There was an evening of perfect calm and peace.

Damien my lovely podiatrist sorted out my sore foot.

Mum made me these for my Dolls House aren’t they amazing? As a Chalet School fan it’s only right the dolls should have copies.

I met H in Oxford and saw the musical of Dodie Smith’s “I Capture the Castle”. It was amazing and I was absolutely captivated. Afterwards we wandered around Oxford and there was a Rainbow but I  fear the yellow crane is much more visible in the photo I tried to take.


Not so pleasingly our favourite restaurant was closed for a private function, however someone H knew recommended a little Italian in Jericho. It was well priced and delicious. Definitely a good find. We’ll be going there again.  

I had a glorious swim in an almost empty pool with water that was the perfect temperature with a proper hot shower afterwards its not often I get the whole combination at the local pool.

I met  R after work for the first time in ages. We sat in the park and put the world to rights.

My ceiling fan, every year as the summer begins to kick in I give thanks for the decision I made to install a ceiling fan in my bedroom I am sure it is the only reason I get some sleep once the temperature rises.

A peaceful lunch break in the park reading

Flowers in the park


Chatting and gossip with the usual suspects

For the first time since I had the first ankle surgery way back in January 2015 I managed a proper long drive. I went from London to Chesterfield and back again. I feel as if I have my freedom back!

The purpose of this epic trip was to meet H and spend the Bank Holiday weekend exploring. We were based in Chesterfield but on the first day we took ourselves to Hardwick Hall. I liked the sound of Bess of Hardwick but it takes some confidence to affix your initials to your new house for posterity. I loved the little owl statue in the gardens.


The following day was spent at Chatsworth. It was very grand and ostentatious and I clearly am getting old because I found myself thinking about the central heating bill and how draughty it would be. One of the State bedrooms had a bath in a cupboard. I was rather taken with that but I fear I don’t have enough space in my own bedroom to emulate it. As always I preferred the gardens. The Lupins were magnificent as were the Rhododendrons.  We were too early for the Peonies which was a pity I love Peonies. The plants were smothered in buds so I think they must be impressive. I wished my nieces and Millie dog could play in the cascade too. It was full of dogs and small children having a fabulous time.


I managed to fix my elderly Sat Nav – which was joyous. I forced it to update and then discovered the main problem was a faulty charging lead. All sorted for less than £3. This is good as I have every intention of driving far more and far further now that I know I can. Before they know it some people will find me on their doorstep.

Finally I’m typing this on a brand new PC. I hadn’t been able to blog on my old one for at least two years. It was just too slow. Then in the middle of May disaster struck and it would not turn on at all. It was too old to be worth repairing it so I have a new one and the speed amazes me.


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