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Jolly things in June

July 24, 2017

I admit it it's now almost the end of July and my time management leaves much to be desired but better late than never. I regret there do not seem to be as many photos as there should be.

I've become an avid fan of Apartment Therapy in my quest to tame my flat and my stuff! One of the pieces of advice is that now and again when you have a free weekend day you should have what they call 'Suck it up Saturday or indeed Sunday.' The aim is that you make a list if the chores and errands you have been putting off and get on with them. I can't say the process was awfully jolly but the results were. By Saturday evening I was relaxing in an immaculate flat. There was an awful water mark in the middle of my heirloom oak dining table made by a spilt cup of hot tea which I was very upset about. However I purchased a so called "miracle" cloth from Lakeland and much to my surprise it was just that. It took some elbow grease but the unsightly mark has completely disappeared. I wish I'd taken before and after photos.

I love Peonies they are among my favourite summer flowers and they are in season and therefore semi affordable in June. I might have bought a few bunches… I wish I could grow them but my attempt to grow them in a pot failed. If I ever have a garden I will try again.

My sister's puppy continues to be utterly adorable. Hugs from her always make my day. She also had her stitches out and lost the despised cone of shame. Poor Millie had an accident at the end of May but happily she's making a good recovery. Just look at her basking in the sun minus that ghastly accessory.

And here she is composing her scathing Trip Advisor Review because the hotel facilities definitely don't meet her expectations. A mere one paw instead of the five she is accustomed to.

We had a lovely grown ups only family dinner at our local Indian.

I found a few more of M Pardoe's Bunkle books. They are not particularly realistic children's thrillers from the 1940s and 1950s but there's a wonderful sense of place and a wealth of domestic detail that provides a slice of social history I'm certain the author didn't plan. They are a splendid way to disengage from ones commute.

I finally own my own copy of The Conch Shell. This is a reasonably scarce Mabel Esther Allan set in Cornwall and I've spent years trying to acquire a copy at a price I can afford. Finally I managed it. It's a lovely gentle family story set in Cornwall and it's a splendid comfort read.

Mum and I had a Call the Midwife TV evening. We've started watching again from the beginning and it is fabulous.

Lovely Thursday dinner with the usual suspects.

I've booked an awfully big adventure for next year… I'll blog about it when it happens but I've something splendid to look forward to.

The election result was not exactly what I wanted but better than I feared. It's not made my professional life and easier but I was irresistibly reminded of one of my favourite poems "Sometimes" by Sheenagh Pugh.

At the end of May disaster struck my elderly PC expired and worse my backup was corrupt. I feared the worst and thought all my photos since 2007 were lost forever but a local computer repair business saved all my data and I'm so grateful.

I refreshed my outdoor plant pots

My SiL's had a big birthday, so obviously there was a correspondingly big birthday party's. Large numbers should be celebrated with friends, Prosecco and cake so we did.

A splendid parcel from S.

I had a glorious swim

There was an afternoon spent playing with my nieces.

We had the First barbecue of this year. The weather stayed fine and we did not have to shelter under the awning.

Lovely evening read in the park note the beautiful Peonies and the equally charming men in uniform. This was followed by dinner out with the girls.

I had a very successful trip to the chest clinic. All the numbers are much better and my lungs are stable again. I've been put back on annual review.

Took smallest to the theatre to see her first ballet. The Northern Ballet's Three Bears. She was so very proud of being a big girl and having an outing 'just wiv my auntie."

There was a delightful dinner at K's and snuggles with Millie cat.

Father's Day afternoon tea

I had enormous hugs from smallest.

Picky dinner and a second evening rewatching Call the Midwife.

I met E for Lunch and made friends with Monty her canine house guest.

I had a feline house guest as Millie cat came to stay in my luxury pet hotel for a week.

Then I attended K's hen do.

Sister's at The Chalet School arrived. It's a pleasant and believable fill in and it enlivened a dull commute.

Flowers from K

I can't explain too much because it's someone else's story to tell but it fell to me to try to reorganise a non transferable, non refundable event for someone who is very unwell indeed and thus couldn't go. I was dreading the phone call as any changes are completely against the company's policy but the person I spoke to was kindness itself. They bent over backwards to reschedule the trip even though they didn't have to. Their kindness and consideration helped me to bear something quite terrible. Once again I was reminded how many more nice people there are than nasty ones and my faith was restored.


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  1. Katherine permalink

    I showed the picture of her to Millie and she turned her head away and jumped off me. Hope that’s not a second one star TA review! Must work on her manners.

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