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Joyous July

August 13, 2017

We are well into August now so it’s more than time that I wrote this. Someone suggested after reading this that I have a charmed life. I don’t nobody has – that’s why it is important to keep remembering all the good things that happen. Even if they are tiny they mount up and counterbalance those things I wish were different.

I’m fairly sure everyone has things they wish were different but those things are not always within our power to change. So onto the things that made July joyous – maybe I should stop this alliteration habit but it is too too tempting.

D my fabulous podiatrist sorted out my foot – I know this makes a regular appearance in my posts but D is a genius and worth every penny. My foot will never completely recover from two surgeries (One of those things I wish was different but can’t change.) but D keeps me comfortable and minimises the damage.

My sister’s puppy Millie remains a joy. She loves unconditionally and is so very affectionate. She’s always thrilled to see me.


I’ve been rereading the non Chalet Elinor M Brent Dyer’s for the simple joy of immersing myself in another time and place especially while enduring the discomfort that is my commute.

I saw the Chest Physio – who knew there was such a thing. It was a really positive appointment and we discussed ways of trying to prevent from becoming as unwell as I was last winter. I have several strategies to try next time I have  a cold or am allergic something. We also have a plan to try and prevent my colds becoming chest infections or worse next winter.

I went to a talk on How to Read a Dress at the London Fashion and Textile Museum. It was fascinating and nowhere near long enough. Afterwards I went for a delicious dinner at Taz with the friends who had accompanied me.

Unexpected long weekend – what more can I say. I didn’t have any plans I just relaxed and it was blissful

My “godsister” K got married. It was a beautiful wedding as usual I am not going to share photos of people so this is a photo of the delicious dessert.


They had a Wedding Barbecue the next day which was also great fun.

I had the opportunity to go and see Information for American Servicemen in Britain which was one of the funniest plays I’ve seen in a long time. I laughed so much. It was fabulous

Once again there have been many Flowers. They never fail to raise my spirits.


There was a post work dinner and gossip with the girls

I invited friends for dinner as it turned out I invited so many friends who could come it turned into a bit of an impromptu party.

I had my hair cut and coloured – my lovely hairdresser took a day out from her maternity leave to cut my hair an dmy sisters. It was so nice to see her again and my vanity was appeased – she is an artiste.

There were Millie kisses – if you’d told me at Christmas I’d be letting a dog lick my face I’d have laughed at you.

My big nieces had a really splendid school report. I’m very proud of her.

I have my own copy of one of the rare Mabel Esther Allan’s Swiss School. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Inspired by Swiss School and the fact that I am spending the summer in London and I’d really rather be in Switzerland. Austria or Italy I reread Mabel Esther Allan’s Swiss and Italian holiday novels to transport myself to the lakes and mountains I am craving.

I also own a copy of Mara Kay’s incredibly rare A Circling Star – Thanks to the Margin Note Books reprint.

A chance word from the aforementioned chest physio led me to try Epsom Salts in my bath. I had always thought Epsom Salts were an old fashioned remedy superseded by modern medicine. I was wrong. They don’t cure me but they are an incredibly effective temporary pain reliever. I was astonished I could almost seethe swelling going down in front of me.

I was having a vey fraught day in the office so at lunchtim I removed myself and foung perfect peace and calm in the park for half an hour.

Fabulous dinner at the Real Greek

Good career news – I can’t elaborate because it would be tempting fate it was very pleasing.

I finally saw an American in Paris with H and L. I am still not quite sure what I thought of it. The acting, singing and dancing were all superb. I enjoyed the Gershwin but fundamentally the plot annoyed me.

A potentially excellent opportunity – again I cannot elaborate but it could be life changing in its way. I have my fingers crossed.

I received my annual performance related bonus aka Good girl money. This is not vast riches indeed many in the private sector would turn up their noses at it but it makes me happy and I’ve saved it for next year’s awfully big adventure.

I went shopping in Canterbury with my Mum. The market stalls delighted me.

We drove on to Tankerton for lunch and then to Whitstable. Whereupon it turned into a truly British day out by the sea – it poured with rain. However we were brave and undaunted we walked along the front anyway and then shopped in Whitstable in complete defiance of the rain. We concluded it in the traditional way with ice cream in the car.

Things were quite challenging so I took a Mental health day just for me. I did absolutely nothing I should do and simply read, embroidered, watched TV and wrote. It was bliss.

My big nieces is 9 – how did that happen! As is the family tradition we had a birthday tea for her on the Sunday. Then we all went to the park the dog included.


I concluded the month with a delightful dinner out with my chums.





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