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I rather think an about page is supposed to demonstrate what an interesting unique person I am. As it happens I’m a very ordinary thirty something who is still about twenty one in her head. I’m not sure I’ve ever turned into a proper grown up.

I still live in the very conventional and conservative (with a small c) south east London suburb where I grew up. This is because I like it here, many of my family and friends live here and I could afford the house prices. I have a comfortable flat but I’d like a little garden and to have a cat so I’m looking for a small house. I suspect it could be a long search I’m nothing if not picky and it will have to be special for me to leave my lovely flat.

I like to think I’m eccentric but my sister scathingly informed me I’m not rich enough to be eccentric – I can see her point. I’ll have to settle for being crazy instead.

I’m a devoted aunt to my niece and I try very hard to be a good daughter, granddaughter and sister.

I read virtually anything with printing on even the back of the cereal packet if I’m desperate. Books are my escape if life is not going the way I’d like it to. My favourites are girlsown books – school stories, family stories, ballet I like them all and at the moment I have a tremendous weakness for Ruritanian novels after all Ruritania is the ultimate in escapism. I have a weakness for detective fiction especially if it is set in the 1920’s or 1930’s. I also love a happy ending.

I like theatre, I’m a bit of an armchair traveller – oh for more budget and more annual leave… I swim because one has to take some exercise and my doctor told me turning the pages of my book didn’t count.

I’m a bit of a failed domestic goddess. I like to knit, bake, sew, cross-stitch, cook, write and I’m trying to learn to quilt and crochet. The trouble is I never focus on anything long enough to perfect the skill which makes me a jack of trades and a master of none. I love the opportunity to decorate my home for special occasions too. I like lights, bunting, garlands etc and at Christmas I’m in my element.

I always wanted to write for my living and now I do but I should have been a bit more careful about what I wished for as I don’t think writing very complicated technical material for the Government was in my plan. 99% of people don’t understand what I do and care even less. I’ve learned to accept this. It’s fascinating in a technical geeky kind of way, it will hopefully improve people’s lives and I’m lucky enough to like the people I work with. I probably can’t ask for more than that. Well other than more pay but that’s not going to happen. It pays the bills and I work to live I do not live to work.

Unfortunately I live to eat rather than eat to live so I’m perpetually on a diet.

I’m a chocoholic who loves rose and violet creams. I also have a fondness for Côte d’Or Lemon and Ginger plain chocolate. Tragically it is not on sale in the UK. This is good news for my waistline but makes me sad.

I’d rather do without a meal than not have flowers in my flat.

Gin and Tonic is my poison of choice but I don’t normally refuse Prosecco, Champagne or cocktails. I detest Chardonnay.

There are few woes that a bowl of Heinz Tomato soup cannot help to alleviate.

A hot bubble bath is one of my guilty pleasures.

I love my bed.

I hate the cold.

I believe in trying to change the things I can even if the things I can change are minuscule.

I try to be kind and not to tell unkind truths some words are so much better left unsaid.

Likewise some secrets should be kept and sometimes the past is best left there.

I try not to ask questions people might not want to answer. I apologise now if I do so inadvertently.

Everything in my life is either wonderful or terrible I rarely manage a happy medium.

I will cope with a big thing but meltdown over something trivial.

You may have already guessed by now that I am also a Drama Queen so much so I have a degree in it.

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